Twin screw hole trepanning machine

Twin screw hole trepanning machine
Product Description

Twin screw hole  CNC horizontal Deep hole trepanning machine 

Product Description

This machine is suitable for the machining of the concentric or eccentric holes of the cylindrical workpiece, especially for the twin barrel hole drill process.

Machine brief:

Machine processing capability:

Drilling diameter range


Boring diameter range


Max. Hole drilling depth


Max. Length of Workpiece


 Machine processing method:

Hole drilling process

BTA drilling method, the cutting chips are discharged to the rear end through the drill bar inner hole.

Hole boring process

Push boring method, the cutting chips are discharged to the front end through workpiece bottomhole

Infeed method

Tooling is rotary and infeeding, the workpiece is motionless.


Main components:

Machine base, worktable, and other basic units

  • HT300 iron, resin sand precision casting.
  • Twice timing treatment, high rigidity and stability.

Workpice clamping

with 2 sets V type block to clamp the workpiece.

X-axis, Z-axis guide rails

Double rectangular sliding rails, precision grinding treatment, aging treatment, quenching treatment.

Drill bar box

  • The spindle rotation is driven by the motor through belt and gear box
  • Rotary speed range: 70-1000r/min(2-gear,speed stepless adjustable), Main motor power: 30kw(converter motor).

Tooling infeed system (Z-axis)

It adopts the structure  that servo motor drives the T-slot leading screw  through gear reducer to realize the speed stepless.

Drill bar rest

2 groups, supporting the drill bar.

Coolant system

To supply the oil for the tooling, consist of oil tank and 3 groups high press pumps.

Oil pressure head

  • Using for the cutting tool guiding, oil supplying, supporting. using ordinary motor to drive its axial movement;
  • The oil pressure head spindle can be pushed out and retracted under the control of the hydraulic system;
  • the oil pressure head can be automatically locked on the machine bed by the hydraulic press board.

T-slot worktable(X-axis)

  • The horizontal travel is 400mm;
  • driven by servo motor, servo reducer and ball screw; 
  • Worktable dimension:2400X600mm; 
  • worktable loading capacity : 4tons.
  • The worktable bed body and the tool bed body adopt divided structures, which are assembled together with high strength bolts and are positioned by the cone pin.

CNC system

GSK system

Machine mainly Parameters




Working capacity

Drilling diameter range



Boring diameter range



Max.machining depth



Max.length of workpiece



Workpiece OD range



Spindle quantity



Machine performance

Tool infeed

Z axis

Infeed speed range



Rapid traverse rate



Infeed motor torque



Drill box

Rotate speed range


Two-gear stepless

Motor power


Converter motor


(X axis)










Coolant system







Machine configuration: 

Machine standard configuration

Machine optional configuration

Tool oil supply constant rate pump group

Automatic paper filter

GSK CNC system

Chip conveyor

CNC system servo infeed motor

CNC system(such as Siemens or Fanuc)

Converter motor for drill box


Slide guide rail

Cutting tool

Hydraulic station

Cutting oil

2 groups drill bar support

Automatic oil

T-slot worktable

Machine safety guard

Machine operating instruction *1copy

NSK spindle bearing


Oil chiller

Packaging & Shipping

1. Before shipment, every part of machine will be painted with a layer of anti-rust and water-proof oil to prevent possible erosion during transportation. 
2. A plastic cover to wrap around machine parts to enhance corrosion prevention. 
3. Export standard fumigated wood cases are measured and specially made for packing. 
4. Steel wire will be used to tighten and strengthen the packages inside container.


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Dezhou Guanlu Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. located in Dezhou, Shandong, is a professional manufacturer of deep hole drilling machine (gun drilling machine), deep hole boring machine, deep hole drilling and boring machine, deep hole honing machine, deep hole skiving roller and burnishing machine as well as their relative accessories, such as gun driller sharpen device, BTA deep hole indexable drill head, deep hole boring head, deep hole pressing head and so on. Our company can also offer the customized deep hole machine solutions according to the customers' requirement.

In order to equips suitable deep hole machine tools for our customers, we have workshop to manufacture the cutting tools and accessories. So customer can inform the exactly deep hole diameter and workpiece dimension, we can provide the cutting tools and accessories to them accordingly.

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