BTA deep hole drilling machine

BTA  deep hole drilling  machine
Product Description

High Precision CNC BTA method blind hole drilling and boring machine

General overview :
1.Processing methods: BTA processing method, workpiece rotation, tool rotation feed
2.Z-axis servo: Servo motor driven ball screw, used to control the feed of the drill box
3.Drilling range: φ30mm~φ65mm
4.Max. Bore diameter: φ100mm
5.Max. Machining hole depth: 1000mm
6.Max. Workpiece length: 1000mm

Headstock fixed to the machine bed. Oiler axial movement, in order to adapt to different lengths of workpiece processing, and adjust manually. Drill rod box axial movement, driven tool feed, deep hole processing, servo control and stepless speed regulation. Drill rod box driven by the main motor rotation tool, stepless speed regulation. Oiler, drill rod box, the center frame and drill pipe support rail with rectangular rails.

Precision :
1.Hole skewness: 0.8mm/1000mm
2.Roughness: Ra3.2~6.3um
3.Dimensional accuracy: IT8~IT11

TSK2108x1000mm BTA deep hole drilling and boring machine
Working capacity
Drill diameter range
Φ30 mm ~ Φ65 mm

Max. Bore diameter

Max. Machining hole depth

Max. Workpiece length

Machine performance
Drill rob box
Spindle speed range
Motor power
Inverter motor
Feed speed range
Fast moving speed

Feed motor torque


Total power (About)

Cooling system
Pressure range
Flow range

Coolant tank
About 1200 L

Main Features:

1.The machine adopts the internal chip removal (BTA) processing method, at the same time with drilling and boring processing functions.The internal chip removal (BTA mode) is adopted for drilling, that is, the coolant reaches the drilling part through the oil cooler, and the iron filings and cooling oil are drained to the oil tank and the chip discharge bucket through the drill rod hole to achieve the purpose of deep hole machining.Boring boring before using the chip processing mode, the front end of the headstock spindle assembly chip removal device for the boring chip removal purposes.Boring the workpiece rotation, can improve the accuracy of boring. Workpieces with double cone clamping position, workpiece clamping convenient, reliable positioning.
2.Machine bed, box and other basic parts made of high quality cast iron.
3.The machine is equipped with a dedicated cooling system to supply oil to the tool.In the cooling system assembly high-pressure pump, deep hole processing to provide high-pressure high-flow cutting fluid, cutting fluid pressure and flow can be adjusted.

4.Feed movement during drilling (Z axis), the servo motor drives the ball screw pair to realize the Z axis movement, the servo motor is directly connected with the screw rod through the flexible coupling, the Z axis guide rail is a rectangular guide rail, the precision High, good rigidity.
5.Drill rob box: Adopting variable frequency motor to drive the spindle to rotate through the speed reduction mechanism. The spindle of the drill rod box is connected with the tool through the connecting sleeve of the drill stem so that the speed of the tool can be controlled steplessly; different spindle speeds can be controlled according to different processing apertures.
6.The hydraulic system is used to guide the top of the guide sleeve to the end face of the workpiece to guide and seal the cutter during drilling.
7.Drill pipe bracket: Arbor supporting the tool, you can increase the rigidity of the tool to improve the processing efficiency of deep holes.

8.Olier: The main function is to guide the tool, seal the oil and lubricate the oil. The front end of the guide sleeve and the guide sleeve can rotate and move axially under the control of the hydraulic system. Therefore, the requirement of workpiece rotation can be realized.The oil cooler can be axially moved by the handwheel adjusting mechanism so as to adapt to the processing of workpieces of different lengths. When the oil cooler is in place, the oil cooler is locked to the machine bed by the plate and rack locking mechanism.

9.Headstock: the use of ordinary motor drive shaft through the deceleration mechanism rotation, so as to achieve the rotation of the workpiece, can improve the machining accuracy

10.Host using full protection: the use of sliding door structure, give full consideration to the workpiece and tool handling convenience

Company Information

Our company is established in the year 2010 and we moved to our new factory last year . Our engineers and workers are all with very rich experience in deep hole machines.

The machines we manufacture as following:
1. BTA deep hole drilling and boring machine 
2.Gundrilling machine
3.Deep hole honing machine
4.Deep hole skiving roller and burnishing machine 
5.Relative tools for the above machines 

Up to now, our machines have been exported to more than 25 countries including France , Russia etc. European countries .
If you buy our machine , we will provide you not only the machine ,but also our best after-sale service and technical support for the whole life-span .
We keep learning and absorbing the European advanced technology, our team is young and dynamic .

Hope to work with you in the future !

Any question of deep hole drilling machine, feel free to ask me !

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