T2120G Deep Hole Drilling and Boring Machine

T2120G Deep Hole Drilling and Boring Machine

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T2120G Deep Hole Drilling and Boring Machine

The qualities of T2120G Deep Hole Drilling And Boring Machine are mentioned as below:

The machines bed guide way is double rectangle guide way that is quenched and has advanced anti-brade quality. The feeding rack is set up between the bed guide way. The feeding rack is placed in the middle of the bed guide way. The feeding and motion of the guide carriage is pressurized by servo motor, driven by gear rack and has advanced rigidity with easy control. The output mechanism of feeding AC servo motor is accoutered with Germany MAYER torque limit devices to insure the safety of tools, machines and workpiece. The primary motor is changeable frequency motor. The speed is varied step less by three grade so the power to fit is high. The machines are special equipments for cutting cylindrical deep hole working. These are used for boring and drilling processes of cylindrical workpiece. Utilized for the advanced effect combined tools such as crapes, rolling composed automated expands and shrink tools fabricated by our company, the machines can handle the cylinders with advanced speed and precocious regulation.

Main Specifications and Features of T2120G Deep Hole Drilling and Boring Machine


Technical data

The max diameter of boring


The height of center


The range of max depth of boring


The diameter of chuck


Speed range and steps

60-1200r/min three grade stepless

Feeding speed range

5-3200mm/min (stepless)

Main motor

N=37kW variable frequency motor

Feeding motor

N=4.4kW servo motor

Guide carriage motor

N=4.4kW servo motor

Cooling pump motor

N=5.5kW n=1440r/min

The rated pressure of cooling system


Flow of coolant

100 200 300 400L/min