Multi Axis Deep Hole Machining Centers

Multi Axis Deep Hole Machining Centers

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Multi Axis Deep Hole Machining Centers are highly detailed centers designed to carry out the honing process efficiently. They are available with multi axis capability with a spindle for gun drilling, machining and other tasks with seven-times faster speed and efficacy. They are developed especially to carry out the processes of manufacturing mold and processing large as well as small parts. They are available with a rotary work piece table along with programmable headstock inclination to ensure deep-hole drilling with unmatched accuracy.

Features of Multi Axis Deep Hole Machining Centers:
  • Combined gun and deep- hole drilling spindle along with machining
  • Ensure to carry out different processes faster, and easier  
  • Improve productivity by reducing set-ups
  • Available with full-enclosure guarding and automatic tool changer
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