Deep Hole Skraping Rolling Machine

Deep Hole Skraping Rolling Machine

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TG2125x6000mm Deep Hole Skraping Rolling Machine

TG2125x6000mm Deep Hole Scraping Rolling Machines we offer are applicative for machining cylindrical through-holes, cylindrical deep-hole work-pieces, different kinds of mechanic hydraulic oil cylinders, stepped holes and blind-holes. The machines are mainly utilized for bore and roll machining and adopt the boring method of stiff work-piece and rotating boring instruments.

In every every 8 minutes, one ∮80 oil cylinder can be made with a length of 6000mm.

The frames of the machines are fabricated with high-quality cast iron that bestows rigidity. The primary shaft adopts a 30KW ac servo drive, with a broad scope of momentum and speed adjustments as well as large torques. The feeding system selects 5.5KW ac servo motor drives, which are capable of catering assorted deep-hole machining technical needs. The fastening or sealing work-piece of oil feeder selects a hydraulic instrumentation for tight propping. The electrical system of the products takes Taiwan Delta PLC centralized control and TFT (Thin Film Transistor) color touch screen LCD display that is flexible to control with safe and reliable procedures. These can manage large-batch production as well as small-batch single-piece production, efficiently.

Machine Main Technical Data



Working scope

Boring hole diameter range


Workpiece length


Boring bar box spindle parameters

Center height

> 350mm

Leading end of cone hole boring bar box spindle

Ф80mm 1:20

The spindle speed range


(Ac frequency conversion stepless speed regulation)

Output shaft torque


Feed parameters

Feed speed range

5-2000mm/min (stepless)

Plate moving fast


Machining accuracy

Locate the length


Workpiece surface roughness of boring


Workpiece surface roughness of rolling


Workpiece machining straightness

≤0.05/500 mm

Workpiece machining roundness


Motor capacity

Boring bar motor power

60KW Ac servo motor

Feed motor

7.5kw Ac servo motor

Hydraulic pump station motor

3KW Ac motor


Head of the biggest pre-tightening force for the workpiece


The cooling system flow