Deep Hole Drilling and Boring Machine

Deep Hole Drilling and Boring Machine

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T2150 Deep Hole Drilling and Boring Machine

T2150 Deep Hole Drilling And Boring Machines are developed typical products of our company, which are differentiated for processing cylindrical hole workpiece instrumentality and offered with machine tool stiffness, good precision and wide ambit of spindle speed. Feed system of the products is controlled by AC servo motors of Japan and can accommodate to the needs of an assortment of deep hole machining technology. Delegated oil and workpiece fastening tightly hold the hydraulic devices and instrument displays, safely and reliably.

T2150 Deep Hole Drilling And Boring Machines are particular machine tools for machining cylindrical parts, these can drill blind holes, through holes, boring hole and stepped hole. BTA mode works in the drilling mode, the boring mode is executed to push the boring as well as chip to chip the way forward. A large figure of production is appropriate to be utilized in production. The machines are also appropriate for individual part as well as large batch production.

T2150 Deep Hole Drilling And Boring Machine is a series of products and can also provide all types of sizes and lengths in accordance with user needs.

The structure of T2150 deep hole boring machine is rigid and come with advanced accuracy. The spindle speed extent is wide, in-feed system is controlled by AC servo motors, which can meet all sorts of deep hole procedures, the oil supply fasten devices and workpiece clamping tools adopt hydraulic system and exhibit the pressure value with safety and reliability. These are applied to boring and rolling procedure (producing roughness 0.4-0.8μm) in locomotives, ships, machining, hydraulics, power machinery, coal machinery, pneumatic machine and some other industries. Here are few choices for Deep-hole boring machines settled on workpieces.

1. Rotating Workpiece, Rotating Cutters + Repeated Feeding

2. Rotating Workpiece, Non-rotating Cutters + Repeating Feeding

3. Non-rotating Workpiece, Rotating Cutters + Repeated Feeding

We can also customize kindred machines with different lengths according to the clients' requirement.

Our T2150 Deep Hole Boring Machines also have CNC model.

Machine Main Technical Data



Drilling diameter range

30mm to 120mm

Max.diameter for boring


Boring diameter range


Max. depth for drilling and boring

Max lenth can be 12meters.

Chuck diameter for clamping work piece

300mm -650mm

Height from spindle center to machine bed


Speed range for spindle

3-315r/min (21kinds)

Infeed speed range (stepless)


Rapid travel speed for carriage


Main motor power


Hydraulic pressure pump motor power


Carriage fast moving motor power


Infeeding motor power


Cooling pump motor power

5.5kw 3groups

Rated pressure for cooling system


Flowing for cooling system

300/600/900 L/min

Rated working pressure for hydraulic system


Control system