10M Deep Hole Honing Machine

10M Deep Hole Honing Machine

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Machine model and name:

Name:Horizontal deep hole honing machine


Machine specification :

Deep hole honing machine diameter range: φ80500mm

Deep hole honing length Max: 10000mm

Center height:carrier body guide surface to honing bar :350mm

Clamping jobs diameter range: φ150650mm

Honing box spindle speed range:25-250r/min stepless

Honing box spindle reciprocate speed range: 3-20m/min stepless

Honing box motor power:11KWconverter motor

Honing head expand hydraulic system oil pump flow :12.5L/min

Honing head expand hydraulic system oil pump max pressure: 4Mpa

Coolant pump flow:100L/min

Coolant box volume:950L

Honing head expanding hydraulic system oil pump motor power:1.1KW

Coolant pump motor power:1.5KW

Reciprocate motor power7.5kw

Machine character and basic consist:

Machine character:

2M2150A deep hole honing machine is suitable for cylindrical jobs honing and polish process, and also works for precision parts,after worked by the machine,the hole accuracy can be up to IT6IT7 surface roughness can be up to Ra0.2-0.4μmIt adopts partical honing,the parts can be modified by processing the taper, elli capticity and local aperture error, the honing machine is an ideal device for high precision and high efficiency ,we adopts PLC control of Delta,running steady,easy to adjust the speed. It is easy to warranty the hole size accuracy and reduce labor intensity.

When working,the machine use sandy stone to hone,the honing bar box reciprocate move,which can make sure the efficient. The machine can be used after gun drilling machine.

Machine structure

  • Honing box

    We use 11kw motor drive spindle box to send turning and torque to the honing bar,tuning speed is 25250r/min

  • Carrier reciprocate system

    Carrier recipracate movement driven by servo motoring gear box.

  • Honing head support frame

    Position in front of the carrier working table,installed on the rail way,height can be adjusted.

  • Coolant system

    Coolant system use three grades filtering,filtering size is less than 30μm

  • Machine bed body

    Use strongly machine body,carrier body installed linear railway,high long lifespan and high precision

  • Electric part

    The machine use PLC system control,automatically control..